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Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Case Management Department is to work collaboratively with health care providers to identify individuals social needs/challenging medical and/or psychosocial needs. Case Managers, goal is to ensure optimal client wellness and autonomy. DotHouse Health therefore feels strongly that case management services are one of our core competencies. When we partner with our patients to address pressing needs that occur outside of the exam room, we work with them to improve health outcomes.


Case Managers assist patients with navigating the healthcare system.


Case Managers utilize a proactive approach with their patients and families.

Case Managers serve as catalysts to help patients achieve their desired outcomes.

Physician Collaboration
Case Managers believe that close communication with the physicians and other health care providers is key to a successful plan of care while protecting clients confidentiality.

Patients who receive their needed services in a timely fashion.


Using a client-centered approach; case managers connect and inform patients of resources that match their needs such as:


Department Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9:00am – 4:30pm




How do I schedule an appointment with a case manager? Patients are referred by their primary care providers for appointments with case managers.  You can also walk in to registration desk located on the 1st floor and ask to speak to case manager on duty during our department hours.  You must have a primary care doctor at DotHouse Health to receive services from a case manager. If you walk-in to meet a case manager but you are not a patient, we will offer to register you as a patient and also try to connect you to our healthcare services.


Can a case manager find me housing? We cannot directly connect you with housing. However, our case managers can connect you to our Homelink help desk housing advocate from Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, housing resources in Boston including the Boston Housing Authority, ABCD Housing and Homeless Prevention Program, and Project HOPE.


How can I apply for benefits?  We can only complete your application for SNAP benefits (food stamps).


We are able to assist with the application process for SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and EAEDC (Emergency Aid to Elders, Disabled and Children). However, you will need to complete these applications individually at the SSI and EAEDC offices.


Do I need to have insurance to see a case manager?  No. Insurance is not necessary to meet with a case manager.


Fields Corner Children Thrive in Five


The Fields Corner Children Thrive in Five in partnership with the Dorchester Family Engagement Network (FCCT) involves the entire Fields Corner community in creating, identifying, mapping and connecting resources that are accessible to all.  It’s a neighborhood-based effort to bring the entire community together to support young children by supporting parents and caregivers in their role as their child’s first teacher.  Thrive in 5 is unique in that it builds on the everyday relationships and routines that families have in their neighborhood. It engages all members of the community to offer early childhood information and resources everywhere parents go.

This program creates:

learning, in the places they go on a regular basis.


supports available to them through people they trust.


FCCT provides extensive resources and FREE events every month

Click here for more information on our Facebook page.


FCCT Enrollment Form link:


For more information, please contact our Huong Vu, Family Engagement Specialist at