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Do you need legal assistance?


DotHouse Health partners with a local law firm to provide free legal services to qualifying Dot House patients in certain areas of law.  The clinic, which has helped hundreds Dot House patients and their families with their legal issues, focuses on the following areas of law:


Immigration, including (but not necessarily limited to):

·         Advice to undocumented individuals

·         Permanent residency applications

·         Naturalization

·         Asylum claims

·         Obtaining documented status for victims of human trafficking or violence


Housing, including (but not necessarily limited to):

·         Eviction

·         Housing subsidy termination

·         Utility bills


Family Law, including (but not necessarily limited to):

·         Divorce

·         Child custody

·         Child support

·         Guardianships of children or disabled adults


Income Supports, including (but not necessarily limited to):

·        Appealing denials or terminations of benefits, such as:

   o   Federal income benefits (SSI, SSDI)

   o   State income benefits (EAEDC, TAFDC)

   o   Food stamps/SNAP


Education, including (but not necessarily limited to):

·      Counseling regarding children with disabilities (e.g., Individualized Education Plans (“IEPs”), 504 plans, etc.)



·         Debt collection

·         Bankruptcy

·         Wills and estate planning

·         Sealing criminal records


      If you think you might have legal concerns, please let your DotHouse Health provider know, and they will process a referral on your behalf to determine if the clinic can be of assistance.


      Note: the legal clinic does NOT have regular office hours – the only way to access the clinic is, as above, to go through your Dot House provider.